Purchase a Ribbon Magnet to show your support for One Little Step!

If you would like to purchase a ribbon magnet, or if you would like to help us sell some ribbon magnets, please contact us. Thank you!


How You Can Help One Little Step

Your generosity helps make a difference in the lives of these precious children with special needs. 

One Little Step, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3)non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible for income tax purposes. Thank you for your generosity and support.

Donations may be mailed to:
One Little Step
125 Church Street
Glassboro, NJ 08028

Give the gift of your time. Please contact us to find out how you can help.

Holiday Gift Wrapping
Participate in our Holiday Gift wrapping program at the Rowan University Barnes and Noble. The program runs each Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
Please contact us to sign up

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    Recycling and Clothing Drop Off


    Help children with special needs and recycle at the same time!

    We have a brown bin located next to our building where you can drop off your recycling and/or clothing donations anytime to 
    One Little Step. Please see the attached flyers for more information. Kind Thanks to all of you.





    Help One Little Step When You Search or Shop Online


    How often do you search or shop online? Searching or Shopping means a donation to One Little Step, at no cost to you. It's just that free and easy.

    A penny a search and a portion of each purchase will be donated to One Little Step for free.

    A penny or more per search, a $5 bonus for your first purchase and up to 26% of your purchases at over 730 stores. Plus you SAVE money with exclusive coupons/free shipping deals.

    Sign Up today, to start helping One Little Step, while saving on your own shopping! Please tell your family and friends, and have them sign up, too!





    One Little Step Golf Tournament, May 21, 2009You can support One Little Step and recycle at the same time by sending us your used ink jet cartridges, and laser printer cartridges. Cell phones can no longer be accepted.

    We now have a brown bin located next to our building where recycling and/or clothing donations can be made anytime to One Little Step.

    We will recycle them and earn cash to support our program. 

    Thank you all for your continued generosity.

    See our flyer for more details.